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Why Do I Need a Service Contract for My Fire Alarm System?

A commercial fire alarm system is a basic and vital life safety system for most buildings. A fire alarm system requires regular maintenance as required by local fire codes so that it functions when needed; however, this can be a complicated and time-

consuming task. While you can attempt to perform maintenance yourself, here are the benefits of hiring professionals to take care of it.

3 Reasons to Sign a Commercial Fire Alarm Service Contract

If there are multiple businesses that need non-emergency fire alarm repair or maintenance at the same time, priority attention will be given to yours. A contract obligates the service company to address your needs within a certain period, so they’ll come to you first.

Additionally, ask about more robust preventive maintenance services that get your service provider to be more proactive about maintaining your system.

Although a service contract might seem pricey at first, the cost is often less than what you might pay in emergency repairs and unbudgeted service. Without a service contract, you’ll probably pay higher rates for rushed labor and premium prices for replacement parts when you need to address an emergency situation. Some times the residual costs may be costly such as when a fire watch must be instituted or an Elevator Recall must be reset.

Additionally, you’ll still need to service your customers during the situation. Calling your contracted providers to address the issue will allow your team to continue to maintain their productivity and support the bottom line.

A commercial fire alarm system will always be necessary to keep your building compliant and occupants safe, so it should last as long as possible once it’s installed. Receiving regular testing and inspections through your contract will allow the technicians to catch small issues before they worsen, helping the system remain functional and maximizing its life span.