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Wireless Technology in Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless technology in commercial fire alarm products has been around in various forms for decades. Additionally, advancements in technology and changes in national fire codes have made it possible to safely use wireless products. Here’s more information about these innovative systems.

A Guide to Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless commercial fire alarm systems are commonly used in historical buildings, schools, hotels, parking garages, warehouses, and portable classrooms. The technology eliminates the need for a surface-mount conduit and allows for easier expansion of existing wired systems. Wireless models are also easy to maintain, as they minimize the risk of issue-causing ground faults.

This alternative is an ideal solution for the challenges of retrofits, such as preserving historic materials or aesthetics and performing an installation where asbestos may exist.

It’s also beneficial if you’re installing a system where adding traditional wiring is

inefficient or difficult, including locations with concrete walls, ceilings, and buried wires.

Honeywell®’s SWIFT® (smart wireless integrated fire technology) products are popular in the U.S. because they’re one of the most reliable and technologically advanced wireless options on the market.

It’s compatible with any of the Honeywell branded products, including Gamewell-FCI®, Notifier®, Silent Knight®, Fahrenheit®, and Fire Lite®. This compatibility lets you easily expand an existing commercial fire alarm system.