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Is Your Fire Alarm System Discontinued? Learn Why You Should Update It!

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Keep your commercial space safe with a modern fire alarm system.

No matter what your line of business is, owning or managing a building’s operations means making constant investments. As part of that, maintaining life safety systems like fire alarm systems, especially fire alarm control panels,  are critically important.  However, even maintenance reaches its limits.  For a fire alarm system, one of the primary reasons to upgrade, regardless of system age, is when the manufacturer has stopped producing parts in support of that product.  In other words, it is a discontinued or obsolete fire alarm system. Keep reading below to learn how you can avoid the perils of an obsolete system. 

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Why Is Upgrading Important? 

If your obsolete system malfunctions, you are at greater risk of encountering a situation that can lead to a sustained and expensive Fire Watch protocol, the closing of your building by your local fire department, or in the worst cases, thousands of dollars in property damages or loss of life. 

When this happens, parts will be more expensive and difficult to source.  Additionally, if the manufacturer has stopped supporting the product, then technicians trained and familiar with your system will become fewer and less able to troubleshoot your system.  In short, it will be more expensive and difficult to maintain your fire alarm system. 

What Should You Do? 

We recommend that building owners and managers talk to their fire alarm service providers.  Find out if your system is discontinued or if the manufacturer has any plans to retire the system.  If so, and your system is a relatively recent model, then the manufacturer might still have a recommended upgrade or sometimes even sell an upgrade kit that will keep you current.  If your system is an older model without an upgrade option but you have kept up a healthy maintenance program, then the upgrade might be relatively affordable.  If you have a very old system and you have not done proper maintenance, then you will be looking at a very expensive capital improvements project.  That said, the best time to upgrade is while your system is in a sustained normal operation with few issues.  You will not be under pressure to upgrade immediately, and you will be able to shop around and make informed decisions.

How Can I Get Started?

At Phoenix Pacific, we want to make your life simpler, especially when it comes to solving issues, upgrading systems, and providing maintenance to your equipment. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to enhance your building’s safety and function with modern solutions.

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