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Protect Your Fire Alarm System with Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity

Ensure your fire alarm control panel is always working correctly by keeping your system safe from cyber threats!

Smart technologies have become increasingly popular in homes and businesses in recent years. In commercial spaces, in particular, integrating these devices into a centralized automation system has improved efficiency and streamlined operations. Safety technologies, such as fire alarm control panels and systems, are excellent examples. Incorporating these solutions into a comprehensive business control system allows better coordination between security technologies. For instance, if a fire alarm is triggered, the integrated system can automatically shut down certain operations, activate emergency protocols, and notify relevant personnel.

While this integration brings several benefits, it also introduces new challenges, such as cybersecurity concerns. By connecting Fire Alarm Systems and Control Panels to business networks or the internet, they become vulnerable to potential cyber-attacks. Hackers may attempt to exploit security weaknesses in these systems to gain unauthorized access, disrupt operations, or threaten the delivery of essential services to compromise the safety of the building and its occupants.

Luckily, at Phoenix Pacific, we are ready to satisfy all your fire safety needs, including protecting your devices against cyber threats! Keep reading our blog to discover how we can protect your fire safety systems from cyber attacks in Hawaii.

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Built-In Cyber Security Features

Today, fire alarm manufacturers release new versions of fire alarm control panels that incorporate built-in cybersecurity software technology. Some of these features include encrypted communication protocols, proxy firewalls, audit trail capabilities, multifactor access code requirements, password lockout, and inactivity timeout. A facility’s cybersecurity requirements are dependent on comparing the building’s current and future needs against the fire alarm control panel’s capabilities. If you do not need or desire to connect your panel to the internet, then basic password encryption may be enough for now. If you want to integrate your fire alarm system into a building automation system, provide workstation access points, enhance email or text message alerts and remote access, and integrate BDA or other systems, then discussing options with an industry professional like Phoenix Pacific should be your next step.

What About Older Systems? 

Depending on the age of your fire alarm control panel, your facility may have some of these features in place already. In general though, the older the fire alarm control panel, the fewer cybersecurity features are included. Some panels may be able to increase cybersecurity capabilities with a software upgrade. Others may require the software upgrade and installation of some new components into the panel, while the oldest of panels will require a replacement upgrade.  

 A team of experts, such as Phoenix Pacific, can determine if your system is recent enough to handle new technology. In case your current system is too outdated, the best choice to keep your fire alarm solutions safe and working correctly will likely be to upgrade your entire system. 

At Phoenix Pacific, we are committed to helping you keep your buildings and your people safe with cutting-edge solutions. Contact us today to start a conversation and learn how to keep cyber-attacks away from your technology!