Phoenix Pacific

Test & Inspection

Just as important as a proper design and installation is proper maintenance. Facilities have many integrated systems (Security, HVAC, Elevators, Public Address, Power Control, etc.). Many of these building systems are “active” in that we know when they fail or have problems. Fire systems are “passive” building systems in that they operate in the background only activating when needed. This is why fire codes, municipalities, and insurance providers across the country require fire systems be tested and inspected or “exercised” periodically.

PPI provides NICET certified, factory trained, and experienced technicians. We believe one never stops learning and expect each technician to keep up a minimum level of educational activity each year. Additionally, PPI invests in the latest testing technology to keep our procedures as efficient and accurate as possible.

PPI will test and inspect the following systems per the applicable NFPA standards in your municipality:

Fire Alarm
• Including Air Sampling (VESDA) Testing
• Including Smoke Control Testing

Fire Sprinker
• Including Backflow Inspection
• Including Pre-Action Testing

Fire Suppression/Foam
• Including Room Integrity Fan Testing
• Including System Recharge
• Including Hydrostatic Testing

Fire Extinguishers
• Including Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
• Including Tank Recharge

Fire Hoses
• Including Hydrostatic Testing

Fire Pumps
Fire Hydrants
FM200 and CO2 Suppression Systems
Foam & Water Deluge Systems