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4 Common Causes of Troubles in Your Building’s Fire Alarm System

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Protect Your Spaces with a Reliable Fire Alarm System

If there is one safety technology every building needs—whether residential or commercial spaces—it’s a fire alarm system. However, in order to truly protect your spaces, you need more than just installing the devices. Regular fire alarm maintenance is vital to ensure your system is working properly at all times. 

In this blog, we will explore a few of the most common issues a fire alarm system could exhibit in a building and how the services of Phoenix Pacific can help facility managers in Honolulu, HI, tackle them with ease.

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Inadequate Maintenance

Once you’re done with a fire alarm installation, it is easy to get overconfident in the safety your system provides and forget about regular maintenance. However, negligence is a common cause of failures in your fire alarm system. Timely inspection, testing, and preventive maintenance done by certified experts, such as the team at Phoenix Pacific, will keep you in legal compliance and help you identify and avoid software failures, clogged detectors, dead batteries, and more. 

Equipment Deterioration

The equipment of your fire alarm system is bound to suffer wear and tear from time to time, which in the long run, causes your system to malfunction. Ambient influences such as dirt, debris, vandalism, and even inclement weather or lightning strikes can damage components such as circuit boards, batteries, sensors, speakers, and more. A licensed technician from Phoenix Pacific can identify which part of your system is not working properly and help you fix the issue quickly.

Wiring Degradation

Over time, the wire that connects fire alarm devices will degrade or be tampered with.  Environmental exposure can cause wire to rust or become brittle, rodents might chew through wire, and uninformed contractors, employees, or occupants can accidentally cut wires they weren’t meant to touch. A professional technician has methods for hunting down these broken or disconnected wires and can, in many instances, repair the connections. 

Communication Faults

Many modern fire alarm systems are connected to the outside world, most commonly for fire alarm monitoring but also as part of a building management system. Failure to communicate with the outside world will cause a Trouble signal on the fire alarm system until the communication is restored, which can be done by a professional like those at Phoenix Pacific.

At Phoenix Pacific, we want to help you keep your spaces safe from any fire threats. Reach out to our team to learn more about our services, or leave a message for us in the chat box below. We look forward to hearing from you!