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3 Reasons Your Fire Alarm System is Giving You False Alarms

Identify common causes for this problem and ensure your fire alarm system is always at its best!

One of the primary responsibilities of any building owner or manager is to ensure the safety of its occupants. As part of this responsibility, maintenance of the facility fire alarm system becomes an integral function and fire code requirement.  

But what happens when your fire alarm system alarms but you can’t find any indication of a fire? A false fire alarm is an alarm activation resulting from a cause other than a fire.  While your building might not be in imminent danger, false alarms should still be taken seriously as an indicator of a serious problem with the effective and proper function of your fire alarm system.

Keep reading our blog down below to discover a few reasons why your fire alarm system may be giving you false alarm signals and how the experts at Phoenix Pacific can help you solve these issues to keep your Honolulu, HI, building safe.

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Dirty Sensors 

A common cause of false fire alarms is dirty sensors or detectors. Though we often overlook the importance of keeping these sensitive devices sufficiently clean, without proper care, too much dirt or debris can affect their detection capability. 

This is especially true if your fire alarm system is monitoring an industrial space. If this is your case, don’t worry! The expert technicians at Phoenix Pacific can perform the correct maintenance for your equipment.

Accidental or Malicious Triggers

Perhaps the most common cause of a false fire alarm is human interaction. Smokers can trigger a smoke detector, children can manually activate a pull station, or some aerosol sprays, steam, or cooking activities can set off your system. However, there are actions that can be taken to harden the system against these human interactions. You can have an expert from our team at Phoenix Specific survey your system to put some of these solutions in place and prevent future false fire alarms.

Major System Malfunction

Weathered, deteriorated, or aged computer circuit boards will eventually fail of their own accord. These components carry major importance such as storing the software that the system runs on. When these parts fail or if the software begins to deteriorate, it can create confusion within the computer that might trigger a false alarm. If this is happening, sometimes these components can be replaced. But in other instances, it may be time for modernizing your fire alarm system – or to get a new system altogether. 

At Phoenix Pacific, we want to help you make your spaces a secure place at all times. Are you ready to enhance the safety of your building with our cutting-edge fire alarm systems? Reach out to our team right here or drop a message for us in the chat box below. 

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